Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Out of Steam...

Hi everybody!  Well, yesterday I guess I ran out of steam.  I got some rest and I did manage to make one card.  People who don't make cards do not realize that it really is 'work', mental work.  I'm sure you all will agree with that.

Here's the card I made....

I'm sorry you can't see the stamp very clear.  I tried to choose a color that matched the bluish color on the patterned paper.  That paper is from Prima Marketing, Sun Kiss collection.

Hopefully I'll come up with something more interesting for tomorrow's blog.  Take care everybody!

Thanks for stopping by and please come back tomorrow!  


Patti J said...

Ha ha....glad to see that you are human :) Love your card, sweetie - thanks for sharing! Hugs...

Maria André said...

I'm your newest follower and found your blog through The Outlawz.

You have a lovely blog! Gonna enjoy to follow you forward :)

Hope you have had or will take your time to visit my cyberspace to. ;)

xx/Maria aka MulleSnuttan

Roxann said...

Fab card, Regina! Met you on The Outlawz. Love your blog.

Angela said...

I totally agree with you...card making can be hard, mental work! Sometimes the creativity flows and other times, not so much! The other I HAD to make card for a birthday and I just could not get it together. Everything I did seemed so dorky and off...I finally finished it but I wasn't that happy with it. I've learned for me, when I feel like making one, I go for it!!!

By the way, I love that stamp! Where is it from?