Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Shaving Cream Technique Tutorial with Sin City Stamps

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Hi everybody,

I wanted to use the Sin City Stamps Art Journaling stamp with the numbers on it for a birthday card and wanted an abstract background so I decided to play today with the shaving cream technique.  It's really easy and results in a beautiful marbled look.

 You'll need some shaving cream, paper plate, a butter knife, dye ink reinkers (however many colors you want in your design) and something to scrape the shaving cream off with.

1.  Squirt shaving cream all around on a paper plate. 

2.  Use the reinkers by squirting a drop in various places in the shaving cream.  Do this for all the colors.  I used 3 different colors, a pink, orange and green.

3.  Take a butter knife and pull the knife through the shaving cream all the way around the plate to marble the ink but don't mix the colors up too much.

4.   Take a piece of card stock and lay on top of the shaving cream and gently press all over the card stock.

5.  You'll end up with a glob of shaving cream on the card stock.  Take your scraper and just scrape the shaving cream off in a downward motion.

6.  You'll end up with a marbled look.  This is what mine looked like.

  I used the numbers stamp from the Art Journaling stamp set and the greeting is from Steampunk Circus.

7.  Here's my finished card.

If you want a fun look that is easy to achieve, try this technique.  I wanted something fun for this particular birthday card and this look is exactly what I had in mind.  I hope you'll try it too!

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8upscrapin said...

What a cool technique , thx for sharing it really turned out so cool , love the colors too .

Rachel W K said...

that is SO cool! thanks for sharing this idea. the card turned out great!
-Rachel w k

Doodles said...

Cool demo thank you hopping hopping over to the next blog