Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy Mail and Pretty Mail Stamps for Envelopes

Hi Everybody,

I have a question for you... do you stamp or decorate your envelopes?  You should!  I know Kristina Werner makes some fabuloso decorated envelopes but for me, I'm taking baby steps lol.  I just wanted to share what I use.  

I like stamping on the flap of the envelope with a happy mail type stamp.  I have these two right now, bought from Simon Says Stamp.  You can get in some MAJOR trouble at that store, just sayin'.... :)

Check this out, how cute is this one??  I just bought this a week or so ago because it's so different. I bought this one from The Ton called Pretty Mail.

The other thing that I have and I love is an envelope liner die.  I bought this from Papertrey Ink.  I don't use it with every card but when I have time I'll put one in or if it's a super special card I will as well.  I just stick it down in the envelope and line the crease on it with the envelope crease and make sure it closes well and I put some tombo mono adhesive on the back and stick it down.  You can use any kind of adhesive.  I just use this one in case I get it crooked.  I've used Scor-Tape before and pressed it down crooked so learn from my mistakes grasshoppers. LOL!  I then will put a strip of Scor-Tape where you lick the envelope.  I also do this when I sell a card or am giving cards away because I think it looks good. 

Here are a few pictures of how I've used these stamps and the liner die in the past.  

Doesn't this add a classy touch to the card?  

(these next two go together)

Many people stamp flowers on the envelope.  I have this bunny from Stamping Bella but I haven't used him yet.  He's called Edward the Edgy Bunny 

Then I put a matching piece of washi tape across the back where it seals. :)

I hope I've inspired you to stamp or decorate on your envelopes. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!



Patti J said...

I rarely think to do so, but would love to get into that habit! Thanks for the inspiration and reminder to send some smiles on the outside of the envie too!

Dawn S said...

I like your ideas. I need to get the liner die

Karen (TLgirl353) said...

So much great motivation to finish our cards for delivery!

Verna Angerhofer said...

I love your envelope decor. It makes a person on the receiving end even more happy with anticipation.

Regina Cooper said...

Thank you for all of the nice comments. I thought I was doing good with stamping happy mail on the back and some of the ladies in the groups showed me what they do and holy cow... I need to step it up lol. I really appreciate all of your support. Verna, you get the award for commenting everyday. Do you only use Gina K stamps? I'm going to start having give a ways and I really want to send you something. <3

Regina Cooper said...

Dawn, I love the die for the envelope liner. It's only about $16 so it's wel worth it.

Verna Angerhofer said...

I use stamps from all sorts of companies and I have so many sets myself. I just got rid of three large boxes of wood mounted ones as I can no longer accommodate all my supplies. I gave them to people who wanted to get started stamping and I am assuming they would have room for them more then I and could give them some love. I seen to gravitate to my unmounted mostly. Sometimes we just have to let go and downsize.

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