Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Can Tombow Markers Be Used In Watercolor Techniques (Results Here)

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Just a quick post today...  Somebody asked if Tombo Markers would work doing the "Zig Scribble" technique (I made up that name lol) and the answer is no, on my experiment anyway. I did the same exact thing with the Tombo markers, same paper, embossed image. I didn't think they would work because they are dye ink markers, not actual watercolor markers. Yes, you can spritz them and stamp but you can't watercolor with them. I would use actual watercolor markers or paints and the ink will spread/flow easily. See in the close up how the ink wasn't moving, it was sinking into the paper? I'm sorry, I really wanted this to work for the people who don't have Zig Markers yet. You can buy a few single Zigs or a small set just to play and see if you like them.  I can post the colors I've been using and you can start with those if you liked the look.  I hope this helps.

Here are the previous 3 posts I did on the "Zig Scribble" Technique.  

So... now that I've worn this technique out, we can move on to the next one. :)

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