Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Foiled Snowflake Background

Hi Everybody,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  Did you get anything fun for your cardmaking this year?  I didn't but I recently bought a Gemini Jr. from HSN when it was the Special so that's my latest new fun thing for the craft room.  I've only used it a couple times... it cuts really well.  It is a lot louder than I expected it to be.

I just wanted to share a foiled card I made.  I was running behind on making Christmas cards this year so the solution was to use Thermoweb's Deco Foil Transfer Sheets, Gina K Designs Fancy Foils and Foil Mates

Here I used the Brutus Monroe Snowflake Stencil (which I LOVE to use with Thermoweb Transfer Gel).  I used the Transfer Gel here with the snowflake stencil and foiled with Ocean Blue Transfer Sheets.  How beautiful is this??  Then I cut a strip from the Gina K Designs Foil Mates Backgrounds using the one called Blizzard and foiled with Silver Deco Foil Transfer Sheets.  I used a sentiment from the Gina K Foil Mates and foiled with Ocean Blue Transfer Sheets finishing it off with two silver glitter strips on the sides.

You can definitely keep using this snowflake stencil over the winter to make New Year and Winter themed cards.  

I hope I inspired you to use Transfer Gel with your stencils and Foils.  So fun and easy!  

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!



Cheryl Robertson said...

Beautiful card Regina! I received a laminator for my birthday recently and I’m excited to use it for foiling. I bought some of the Foil Mates from Gina K so I’m ready to go! I love the Ocean Blue foil you used so I’m going to order it soon. So excited to get started on making some winter cards!

Regina Cooper said...

Hi Cheryl,
If you think about it, tag me on FB in one of the groups when you make a foiled card, I would love to see what you create. :)