Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Personalized Glittered Wine Glass

Hi everybody,

I've been working on this glittered wine glass.  I think it is really pretty.  You can even leave the stem not glittered and glitter part of the top of the glass.  I like that look in silver and gold for the holidays, like on a champagne type glass.  This was just fun.  I was playing with this while waiting on my.... wait for it....
sand.... sandblast box.  LOL!  I am going to do glass etching by sandblast technique.  We already have an air compressor so I had to buy the Air Eraser Kit and then need sandblast box and sand.  I can still etch with cream until everything gets here.  But in the meantime, I think these glasses are fun.

I used gloss Mod Podge on the stem and then added glitter.  I let dry about 10 hours.  I did it in the morning so I did a second layer in the evening and let that dry overnight.  The second layer looked really good, covered great.  You can then seal it.  I used painters tape and taped starting at the stem and went up about halfway because I used a spray sealant.  I used Krylon Crystal Clear Gloss Acrylic Spray.  I actually sent Krylon an email and asked if this spray would seal glitter on glass and they said yes it would but not for dishwasher, which I'm cool with.  You can also use Triple Thick Gloss Glaze to seal if you don't like the spray.  If you use that, use very thin coats and you'll have to do it 2 or 3 times and wait about a day in between each coat.

As I get into these projects more and more I'll be glad to share what I learn about products and such.  If you would like me to do tutorials let me know and I can do those too.  Picture tutorials right now but we do have a tripod so wouldn't it be hilarious if I actually made real live videos and you could hear my Southern twang.  LOL!!

I love skyping with my crafty friends and hearing their voice for the first time.  We had been chatting online you know for years so it's fun to see and hear each other.

Anyway, here's my glass.  What do you think?  I did get this idea from Crystal Shipley on YouTube.  Check out her videos.  She also was awesome and answered me on FB when I had questions, really nice.  I think hers had her initial for her first name and then her name on it like I did.  I hope you like it!

It looks much better in person too.  Glitter does not get on my hands when I slide my fingers over it I promise.  If you have any questions, let me know.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sympathy Cards and Glass Etching in the Future

Hi everybody,

Well, it's been a sad week.  I had to make two sympathy cards.  I made one for my Dad because my Grandmother passed away.  She was 90 so she had a good life.  The only thing is she had been in a nursing home for the past four years and got Alzheimers.  She didn't know who we were.  If you have never gone through this with a relative or a friend, words can't describe how heartbreaking it is. 

The other card is for a school friend. I've known her since we were about 8 years old.  Her Dad passed away last week.  Now that I'm in my 40's, I'm seeing a lot of my friends parent's pass and it is so sad.  I still have mine so I'm trying to appreciate everyday they are here.  So glad I moved back to Mississippi where they live. 

Anyway, enough of my rambling lol.  Seems like I always turn to Gina K Designs stamps for sympathy cards.  The outside images, background script and sentiment is from Gina K.  The inside stamps are from Close To My Heart.  Here is the one for my Dad.

This is the one I made for my friend.  I feel like depending on who it is it doesn't have to be made with dark colors, do you agree?  I know she loves yellow and flowers so that's what I made for her.

I thought this was a cute border embossing folder from Darice.  I colored the stamps with Tombo waterbased markers and used the Sakura Clear Pen on inside of flowers and just kept it simple. 

I just want to add one more thing..... I have decided to add some different product selections to my offerings currently to customers, which is mostly cards.  I am starting glass etching and even decided to get the sandblast tools and box.  Already have an air compressor.  I'll show pictures of what I make.  I'm also going to start working with vinyl.  Anyway, just wanted to share that with you.  Stay tuned.  :)

Thanks for stopping by! 

Monday, January 5, 2015

LOVE Block Letters Valentine

Hi everybody!

I'm crankin' out the Valentine cards already.  I cut these block letters out with the Silhouette. Just trying some different things for people that say 'do whatever you want... I trust you.' lol okay

I have GOT to find a new photo editing software.  Please make some recommendations for me.  What works well for you?  The ones I have tried have all been free and I can't do what I want to do so I guess it's time to stop being cheap and spend some money so my cards photograph well.  I want the background to be lighter/white without lightening the card itself.  Help!

I've got lots more ideas so stay tuned.  Thanks for stopping by! 


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Piece of my Heart Valentine Card

Hi everybody,

I just made my first Valentine card for 2015.  I'm trying to be on the same schedule as the stores lol, since I sell my cards I need to get them out early too.

I am going to start using my Silhouette a lot more.  If I run across something cool I'll share it with you.  I cut out the puzzle pieces with the Silhouette and the sentiment was written with the Silhouette pens.  I love being able to put anything I want on the card now. 

I hope you like it! 

I've been editing my pictures with Picasa and for some reason today I couldn't get into it so I tried PicMonkey for the first time.  I guess it did okay.  I still can't get a program to lighten the background to my satisfaction without lightening the card itself.  Can someone help me with this? 

This next week I'll be getting the glass etching starter kit and vinyl so please watch for some new things to come from me this year.  I'm excited about expanding my product offerings to my client base.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

1st Xmas As A Pair Card Using Silhouette Pens

The Silhouette is so much fun to use.  I love being able to import logos, photos, etc, and being able to use them how I want to.  Another new thing that I've been using are the Silhouette pens.  Have you used these?  OMG!  I think I have every color now.  I can write anything I want in cards or as a greeting and cut it out.  You can download fonts free from the internet or from the Silhouette Store.  I would wait until the fonts are on sale if you're going to get from the store obviously because they are $2.99 each.  I have a lot of luck with free fonts from Fonts 101.

This is the Christmas card I made for my boyfriend.  I cut the mittens out with the Silhouette and used White Sharpie Paint Pen to write on them. I couldn't find a stamp that fit what I wanted to say so I used the Silhouette pens to write what I wanted. Gotta love that! 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!