Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Etched Glass and a New Blade

Hi everybody!

I wanted to share a couple of things that I etched for someone.  I am still taking orders but now I am learning to manage them so that I'm not saying yes to every single thing and working 12 hours a day. 

I etched a glass cutting board 12"x15" with a design from the Silhouette Store.  I LOVE this design.  It actually comes with 2 different ones to choose from.  Also etched this set of salt and pepper shakers.  I think these would make great gifts or even just nice personalized set for yourself.  I want to etch things like this for me but do I etch a 'C' for Cooper or a 'B' for the last name of my boyfriend.  :)  I don't know if you have taken pictures of glass but it is SO hard to get good ones because of the reflection.  Isn't this cutting board so pretty?  She just recently got married and wanted things with 'S' on it. 

I use my Silhouette to cut the vinyl stencil and etch from that.  I have a sandblaster that I use to etch.  I started with the cream and messed up everything I did.  I like using the sandblaster so much better!

I also have started using a different kind of blade in the Silhouette.  I have bought countless Silhouette blades from Amazon and they don't last!  I even use one blade for each type of material such as one for smooth vinyl, one for glitter vinyl, one for HTV vinyl, one for cardstock, etc., so I wrote Silhouette and told them the cut settings I was using and that I use one blade for each type of material and do you know what their response was?????  Try checking your cut settings again and they gave me a link to buy more blades.  Seriously??  I am all about being loyal to the manufacturer of the products I buy but needless to say that response wasn't what I was expecting.  I'm not sure if I got defective blades or what but on average they were lasting me about 2 weeks, which is why I wrote to them. 

Tomorrow I will recommend another blade that I think you will love!  I wanted to use it first to make sure before I promoted it.  A good friend of mine has been using it and loves it so I tried it and I have to say that I do as well. 

Thanks for stopping by...until tomorrow.... :)


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