Saturday, October 21, 2017

Botanical Banners - Thinking of You

Hi Everybody,

I'm on the Brutus Monroe Blog today with this beauty of a card and the great thing about this card is it was quick and easy. The watercolor look is all the rage these days but it doesn't have to take a lot of time.

I am using the Brutus Monroe Botanical Banners Stamp Set.  I love this set!  The floral image is perfect to stamp in the corners of your card as I did here.  The black strips with a white embossed sentiment are popular right now so you can stamp these banner stamps in black or emboss in black and voila' your black strip with white letters if on white cardstock and you didn't even have to cut them yourself. So for instance, you could use Raven Detail Ink which is a really dark black ink or you could use Brutus Monroe clear Embossing Ink (love!) and Ultra Fine Raven Embossing Powder if you want shine and some dimension. 

I decided to use the Brutus Monroe Ultra Fine Penny Embossing Powder on this card because it is such a rich, beautiful color and makes me think of Fall, which I love. I stamped the floral stamp in two corners using the clear Embossing Ink and embossed with the Penny Embossing Powder.  I chose a few Zig Real Brush Markers that I thought would look good together and not turn muddy.  If some of the colors do turn muddy, they can always be fixed. I chose darker colors for this one, jewel tones, because I thought they would look pretty with the Penny Embossing Powder.

I have a video on YouTube showing how I do this.  It was a live Facebook video I did several months ago so it's not picture perfect quality but I think you'll get the gist of what I'm showing here.  This was my very first video ever so go easy on me lol. (We have since chosen some paint colors in the yellow family to replace those green walls). 

I scribbled (literally scribbled) wherever I wanted on the paper with these markers, not worrying about getting out of any lines.  It doesn't really matter where you put the color because next you're going to spritz heavily with water. I used Strathmore Bristol Smooth Paper so that the ink can run freely and not get held up by the texture in watercolor paper.  You can control where it goes by moving it around and you can use a paintbrush to move it along the edges or if it's muddy, brush the muddy part away.  I purposely left the center lighter for the sentiment but you do not have to.  I stamped the Thinking of You Banner using the clear Embossing Ink and Penny Embossing Powder .  

You do not have to emboss your images to do this technique, you can also just stamp them but try to use the Bristol Smooth paper.  You can use your heat gun after you spritz it each time and you can add more color if you want and then use heat gun again.  You'll have to add darker colors if you want more color because the paper will be really saturated by this time and light colors won't show.

I used beautiful Copper Cardstock from Gina K Designs and also an Orchid color as well but this was a limited edition color a couple years ago or so.

I hope I inspired you to try this technique.  It's so much fun and you will be amazed at the results.  No two will turn out alike. 

There are a few additional posts using this technique.  If you'd like to see them, do a search for Zig Scribble. :)

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Verna Angerhofer said...

This is so beautiful and wonderful colors used on it too!

Lori said...

That really came out so pretty! So a cool technique!

Lori said...

Such* 😊