Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy Mail and Pretty Mail Stamps for Envelopes

Hi Everybody,

I have a question for you... do you stamp or decorate your envelopes?  You should!  I know Kristina Werner makes some fabuloso decorated envelopes but for me, I'm taking baby steps lol.  I just wanted to share what I use.  

I like stamping on the flap of the envelope with a happy mail type stamp.  I have these two right now, bought from Simon Says Stamp.  You can get in some MAJOR trouble at that store, just sayin'.... :)

Check this out, how cute is this one??  I just bought this a week or so ago because it's so different. I bought this one from The Ton called Pretty Mail.

The other thing that I have and I love is an envelope liner die.  I bought this from Papertrey Ink.  I don't use it with every card but when I have time I'll put one in or if it's a super special card I will as well.  I just stick it down in the envelope and line the crease on it with the envelope crease and make sure it closes well and I put some tombo mono adhesive on the back and stick it down.  You can use any kind of adhesive.  I just use this one in case I get it crooked.  I've used Scor-Tape before and pressed it down crooked so learn from my mistakes grasshoppers. LOL!  I then will put a strip of Scor-Tape where you lick the envelope.  I also do this when I sell a card or am giving cards away because I think it looks good. 

Here are a few pictures of how I've used these stamps and the liner die in the past.  

Doesn't this add a classy touch to the card?  

(these next two go together)

Many people stamp flowers on the envelope.  I have this bunny from Stamping Bella but I haven't used him yet.  He's called Edward the Edgy Bunny 

Then I put a matching piece of washi tape across the back where it seals. :)

I hope I've inspired you to stamp or decorate on your envelopes. 

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Can Tombow Markers Be Used In Watercolor Techniques (Results Here)

Hi Everybody,

Just a quick post today...  Somebody asked if Tombo Markers would work doing the "Zig Scribble" technique (I made up that name lol) and the answer is no, on my experiment anyway. I did the same exact thing with the Tombo markers, same paper, embossed image. I didn't think they would work because they are dye ink markers, not actual watercolor markers. Yes, you can spritz them and stamp but you can't watercolor with them. I would use actual watercolor markers or paints and the ink will spread/flow easily. See in the close up how the ink wasn't moving, it was sinking into the paper? I'm sorry, I really wanted this to work for the people who don't have Zig Markers yet. You can buy a few single Zigs or a small set just to play and see if you like them.  I can post the colors I've been using and you can start with those if you liked the look.  I hope this helps.

Here are the previous 3 posts I did on the "Zig Scribble" Technique.  

So... now that I've worn this technique out, we can move on to the next one. :)

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

"Zig Marker Scribble Technique"

Hi Everybody,

I am just in awe of how much y'all liked the cards I made in the last two posts.  I appreciate all of the nice comments so much.  If you know me, then you know when I stumble upon technique I like, I make several of them and then move on to something different.  

With that being said, here's yet another card using the "Zig Scribble Technique" and I just made up that name.  I don't know what it's really called lol.  

How pretty is this??  It looks like a painting, like I have artistic skill ha ha!  It looks like I watercolor painted it doesn't it?  I spent about a minute on this scribbling and spritzing.  I may start making all of my cards like this.  It seems like life gets in the way of crafting time doesn't it?  

This stamp set by The Ton called Anemone Bouquet is so perfect for any occasion.  You can mask off the vase so the stems don't show or do it like I did.  I wanted them to show but be subtle. 

I used Bristol Smooth paper and embossed using Ranger Silver Pearl Embossing Powder, which I love because it's softer than white. On this one I scribbled the colors where I wanted them.  I didn't color, I scribbled, combined some colors and then spritzed heavily with water and just let the ink and water do their magic.  I picked up the card and moved the ink around some and then took a medium flat paint brush and moved the ink some around the edges.  I love how it's white around some of the image, mainly up to around the flowers.  

Check out all of these sentiments!!  You really get your $$$ worth with this one I think.  I am going to leave this card as is because I think the recipient will want to frame it.  You can also emboss the sentiment on black cardstock with white embossing powder and cut it into a little strip and put across the vase.  Depending on the layout of your card, you can stamp the sentiment on the front and you don't even have to use the vase. It can be a loose bouquet of flowers.

Which one do you like the best?  

Please tag me on our groups if you try this technique.  I would love to see what you do.  If you would like to see me make something in particular, show how to do a technique, etc., just comment below and I'll certainly do it.  I don't know how to do everything but if you ask me to do something that I don't know, then I get to learn it too. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day. 


Monday, June 19, 2017

More Zig Scibbling and Water

Hi Everybody,

I liked the technique so much that I did in my last post, here's a LINK to that one, that I made another card using the Zigs and water.  Scribbling the Zigs on the card and spraying heavily with water.  That's it.  You could do this with your kids.  Stamp or emboss a bunch of cards and let your kids scribble zigs on them and spray with water lol.  

I have many friends who have issues with their hands and fingers and I think this would be a great technique for them to try.  I even told a lady with a broken arm about it and maybe she could do this.

I used the gorgeous stamp set by WPlus9 called Kind Soul.  If you see it I would grab it, it's been really hard to find.  Everyone has been sold out.  I used the Zig Markers, spritzed heavily with water, let it do it's thing.  Then when it dried I stamped the greeting and used a beautiful embossing powder from The Ton called rose gold.  I even added it to the sides of the card.  Isn't that just so lovely?  I embossed the flowers with Ranger Silver Pearl. I originally had dew drops on the card and when I added the Nuvo Glitter Drops in White Crystal to the centers of the flowers, I had too much sticking up on the card so I took the dew drops off and they tore my paper a little so I added the clear sequins from Pretty Pink Posh.  I like these drops because they seem to take on whatever color is underneath them.  

That's it, easy peasy.  I made a couple others that I'll be posting.  I did try watercolor paper but I like the Bristol Smooth paper better because the ink and water seem to flow more freely if that makes sense.  

I hope you'll give this a try.  You'll love it!  

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Quickest, Easiest Card Using Zig Markers

Hi Everybody,

Who wants to know how to make the quickest card ever but still look pretty and like you put some time into it?  ME!  I saw a video on how to use Zig Markers and water spritzed to get a beautiful card by Laurel Beard so I tried it and it works!  

I used a Wink of Stella clear glitter brush pen on the petals but you can't see much of it in this pic.

So all you do is stamp or emboss your image on the Bristol Smooth or Watercolor Paper.  This is the first time I've tried this and I used Bristol only because I already had an image stamped on it but next time I will try watercolor paper.  Next, you take a few Zig Markers and literally scribble over the different sections of your image and you can mix colors, it doesn't matter where you put the ink. 

When everything is covered on the embossed or stamped image, spritz heavily with water everywhere you have Zig Marker ink and then watch the beauty happen.  You can pick it up and let the ink roll around.  I even took some of the droplets that fell off the card and used a medium sized, flat paint brush and I put some of the ink back onto the card, just some of the background and some around the edges.  Then I let it dry.  You can heat set it as well.

The floral image is from Altenew called Persian Motifs.  I embossed these with Ranger Silver Pearl embossing powder.  I love this color so much because it's softer than white.  The sentiment is from Concord & 9th called Hello Lovely.  I love the size and font of the word Lovely here.  I stamped that with Versafine Onyx Black ink and embossed with WOW clear embossing powder.  I added a few clear sequins from Pretty Pink Posh to finish it off.

The bottom layer is an orchid color from Gina K Designs but it was a limited edition color a long time ago. I wish she would bring it back since purples are being used so much in watercolor, oxide inks, etc.   Since quite a bit of the bottom layer was showing I decided to go around the edges with Versamark ink and use clear embossing powder, I stamped one of the flowers from Persian Motif.  It's so pretty! It's subtle but adds a lot when you look at the entire card all together.  

So that's my easiest, quickest card ever.  I think I'll go through and make up a bunch of these to have on hand for cards.  I hope I inspired you to get your Zigs out and start scribbling!  :)  

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Embossing on Photo Paper with Oxide Ink Background

Hi Everybody,

I made cards with two of the backgrounds I had made a couple days ago with the Tim Holtz Oxide Inks and a stamp from The Ton called Brushed Hello.  I love how huge the Hello stamp is!  I think these cards are great to have a bunch on hand with the Hello to send out when you need a quick card.

I embossed on these, I stamped with Versafine Onyx Black ink on one and used clear embossing powder from WOW and I embossed with gold on the other one.  I'm not sure that I would recommend embossing on photo/glossy papers.  You can do it, but you have to be really careful.  I used the MISTI to stamp and even though I had 4 magnets, I needed to help hold the paper down, the stamp was trying to stick to it.  When you use the heatgun to emboss, you have to be very careful not to get it too hot or too close or the paper will bubble up.  Ask me how I know lol.  You could even emboss from behind.  I have 2 heat tools... one gets super hot and the other one is a few years old and doesn't as much so I used that one and it worked so long as I didn't get too close to the paper.

My suggestion would be to use dies on the photo/glossy paper, and some embellishments of course.

Yesterday I posted a link to a YouTube video where Tim Holtz shows how to foil with stamps and I did that.  Here it is...  Here is a LINK to my blog about foiling stamps.

I wanted to emboss these to see what they would look like 

Here's a close up.... the inks are so vibrant on the photo paper. 

I hope I helped inspire you to try these Oxide Inks.  I love how you get a different effect on smooth cardstock, watercolor paper and then the glossy papers.

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day!


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Foiling a Stamp with Oxide Ink Background

Hi Everybody,

I wanted to share a card I made with Oxide Inks for the background and foiling for the stamp.... Have you tried to foil stamps yet?  If you haven't, Tim Holtz has a great video on YouTube that shows how to do it and here is a LINK to it.

I love to experiment and sometimes my experiments turn out just like I thought they would, sometimes I get pleasantly surprised, like on the last post when I used the oxide inks with the photo paper. Here is a LINK to that blog post.  Sometimes I do not get the end result I expected, which is kind of what happened with today's card BUT I think I saved it and I like it better than before.

I used the Tim Holtz Oxide Inks in Worn Jeans, Peeled Paint and Spiced Marmalade.  It looks like I used yellow but I didn't, the orange turned lighter and darker shades.  I think the colors in this background are great for male or female, birthdays, hello, anything but sympathy.

I used an awesome stamp set from The Ton called Brushed Hello.  There is also a coordinating die for the hello stamp.  This hello is a really large size. It would be great stamped on tags, bags, boxes, etc., as well.

SO... I decided instead of embossing, I wanted to try to foil the stamp.  I used rose gold decofoil and the Range Sticky Embossing Powder.  (see video link above for this technique).  WELL... I wasn't thinking and foiled it on this watercolor paper which has the rough textured surface so the foil didn't stick in all the places very well.  In the future, do this on smooth paper unless you want this look.

I was upset because I liked this background and I thought, I just say it's distressed.  My super, awesomely talented friend, Chris Dayton, gave me the idea to draw shadows around it.  I watched a YouTube video on Calligraphy Shadows and I think it looks pretty interesting.  I just used that Sharpie in the above picture and took my time.  I probably could've gone a little thicker around the thick parts of the letters.  So what do you think??   

I made this card for a friend who always says the word, fabulous.  This stamp set has some really great words in it.  I'm going to use the one that says, it's been awhile inside.  This is the perfect way to reach out and remind her that we haven't met for lunch in awhile.

I just wanted to share what I did with you and so now I'm not looking at this as if I messed up.  It looks pretty cool to me and I learned something new in the process, how to shadow letters.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Oxide Inks with Glossy Photo Paper

Hi Everybody,

I can't tell you how many packs of glossy photo paper I have, 4x6 size.  For years I got a free pack when I bought ink for my printer but I never did anything with them.... until today.  If you have some, get it out and let's have some fun!  Glossy cardstock will work too.

I used the Tim Holtz Oxide Inks just like I did in my previous post and here's a LINK to it.  It shows how I put some down on my craft mat, placed my watercolor paper (which is what I was using at the time) in it and after a couple colors, heat set, and then same thing again either using same colors again but changing up the sides or using different colors.  I loved the results.  The inks blend so well, even better than the Distress Inks, which I love too.

Oxide Inks are a hybrid ink, meaning a combination so in this case, a combination of dye and pigment inks.  Tim Holtz Distress Inks (which we all know and love and now have all the minis too) are a water based dye ink and can be activated when sprayed with water.  You have to work a little bit harder to blend distress inks.  When you spritz the oxide inks that you put on your craft mat, you will immediately see the difference after it starts to oxidize.  It starts to look kind of pastel metallic and when it dries on your cardstock, it looks like a matte, chalk finish.  Dye inks are transluent and pigment inks are opaque so when you mix the two, you get that interesting chalk result.  You can stamp with these inks, use with stencils, etc, you can use them exactly how you did with the distress inks BUT you can use the oxide inks on any color cardstock.  They show up amazingly on black and kraft for example.  That's the extent of my Oxide Ink knowledge lol.  I've seen many people asking what Oxide Ink is so I wanted to go into that a little bit.

So after I got the ink on my glossy photo paper like I wanted it I let it dry completely.  I saw that even letting it dry naturally or with a heat gun, I could smear the ink a little.  Well, that's no good!  I was going to see about trying Gesso on it, etc., you will never believe what worked, the simplest thing... I used a very soft microfiber cloth and rubbed on the ink and the top layer rubbed off leaving an incredibly vibrant, shiny result.  I was doing the happy dance.  I had no idea this was supposed to be rubbed off.  Y'all might've already known this but I didn't so I was doing the new discovery dance :)

Here are 4 backgrounds I made on glossy photo paper. Each one may have taken a minute.  I'm serious, that's how fabulous this ink is.  It flows differently on this paper too.  Look at the bottom left one... It dripped down and I left a box for the sentiment ha!  

The bottom half is what it looked like after it dried.  Top half is what it looked like
 after I wiped it off with a towel.  Pretty!

This is what it looked like after I wiped off the entire piece of glossy photo paper.  

The left side is before I wiped off the ink, right side after.  See how vibrant that is!

This is a comparison between glossy photo paper (top) and watercolor/regular paper. 
 So if you want a matte, chalky result, don't use photo paper.  

I just wanted to share my experience so that you will have another option when you use your inks.  I am showing pics of mine and will make cards with them and do another blog post.

I hope I inspired you to pull out those unused packs of glossy photo paper.  I can make cards with these for years!

Watch for more blog posts in the next day or so.....

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!